Monday, May 2, 2016

Popcorn Chicken Tacos

This recipe couldn't be any easier.  Literally 5 ingredients and 20 minutes of prep and dinner is on the table. That leaves you with plenty of time to enjoy a margarita (or 2 or 3) this Cinco de Mayo.

Once Cinco de Mayo is over, I'm sure you're family is going to want these over and over again.  And it really is the perfect super-quick weeknight dinner.  Easy enough for practically anyone in the family to make.  The Fajita Skillet Sauce soaks into the coating of the popcorn chicken giving it the most delicious flavor.   Not feeling the chicken? It works just as well with popcorn shrimp!

Recipe developed for Ortega
Prep time: 
Serving size: 4

1 (26-ounce) package popcorn chicken, heated according to package directions 
1 pouch ORTEGA Fajita Skillet Sauce, divided 
8 ORTEGA Fiesta Flats, heated according to package directions 
4 cups shredded cabbage or cole slaw 
4 green onions, chopped 

Toss the chicken with ORTEGA Fajita Skillet Sauce until evenly coated.

Arrange cabbage in warmed ORTEGA Fiesta Flats. Top with chicken and green onions.

If desired, serve with your favorite taco toppings, like chopped tomato, crumbled queso fresco, sliced avocado and sour cream or Mexican crema.


Ortega® Fiesta Flats™ Taco Shells are a fun alternative to traditional taco shells.
Their flat bottom and raised edges make them more stable so they're perfect for piling on tons of toppings.  And face it, tacos are all about the toppings!


If  you'd prefer to not make this with a frozen chicken product, it works with fresh chicken to.  You can use leftover chicken and shredded or cut-up, or in a pinch, pick up a rotisserie chicken at the supermarket.  Toss about 3 cups of shredded or cut-up chicken with the Fajita Skillet sauce and heat in skillet or microwave just until hot.

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